Women Sweep the Hugo Awards

woman reading a book
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Each year in August, the Hugo awards are given for the best novels, stories, artwork, and screenplays in science fiction and fantasy.  The ceremony is the central focus of Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention.  This year’s Worldcon was the 76th, and was held in San Jose, California.  Next year’s will be in Dublin, Ireland, and as I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, I’m suddenly hoping for a reason (and the ability) to attend!  But I digress…

This year’s Hugo Awards were special for many reasons, but the biggest one as far as this blog is concerned is that Women completely dominated the honors.  N.K. Jemisin won her THIRD Hugo Award this year for The Stone Sky, her third novel in The Broken Earth series.  She’s the first person to win three years in a row as each book from T.B.E. has taken home the award!

Best Novella went to Martha Wells for All Systems Red,

Best Novellette to Suzanne Palmer for “The Secret Life of Bots”, and best short story to Rebecca Roanhorse for “Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience”.  Female artists were represented too, however.  Sana Takeda won not one, but TWO Hugo Awards this year.  She not only won the award for Best Professional Artist, but was also honored in the Best Graphic Story category as the illustrator for Monstress, Volume 2: The Blood, along with Marjorie M. Liu, the writer.

Of course, no mention of this year’s Hugo’s would be complete without stating that yes, Wonder Woman beat out Oscar Winner The Shape of Water in the Dramatic Presentation (long form) category.  No, the writers weren’t women, but the director was, and Wonder Woman herself is such an iconic feminist figure that I think it should still count as a win here, lol.  One more award I have to list is Best Series because Lois McMaster Bujold, who has won four Hugo’s in the past, got yet another Hugo this year for her World of Five Gods series.  In 2003 she won Best Novel for the second book in that series, titled Paladin of Souls.  If you’re interested in World of Five Gods the first book is titled titled The Curse of Chalion and can be found here:

There are also of course many fan awards, related awards, and a few others I didn’t mention here.  For the full list, go to:


Congratulations to all of this year’s Hugo Award recipients, and good reading to all of you!



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