Liz Gorinsky Launches New Publishing Company!


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Liz Gorinsky is perhaps one of the most famous editors of science fiction and fantasy in the world.  For an editor to become well-known outside of the close-knit literary community is a feat in itself, but by founding in 2008, Liz and her cohorts helped to both make publishing more visible, and to bring it into the digital age.  Over the years, Gorinsky has edited some amazing sci-fi and fantasy writers, and has come to specialize in speculative fiction.  Sh recently won a Hugo Award as best long-form editor, and was the woman responsible for the editing of one of my favorite recent books, Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation.  Almost a year later I still can’t say enough about that book or movie!  For a list of books she’s edited and to hear what her writers have to say about her, you can go here:

Finally, after all of her years of experience, praise, and awards, Liz Gorinsky is starting her own boutique publishing company!  She’s calling it Erewhon Books, after the Samuel Butler (Victorian utopia) novel by the same name.  As an aside, I’ve never read it and am not sure I’ve even heard of it, so now I’m super curious…Erewhon will be distributed by Workman Publishing, the company that also houses Algonquin and Artisan Books.  They apparently haven’t published a science fiction/fantasy novel since Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens in 1990, but the CEO, Daniel P. Reynolds, was quoted as saying that “it’s about time we got back into this category.”  I know all of my fellow sci-fi and fantasy fans (and writers, of course!) will agree.

For more information about Liz Gorinsky and Erewhon Books, you can read the press release here:


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